Activities at Island Falls
Ball game in Fraser-Brace days (1929 - 1930).
Caribou hunt.
Wedding shenanigans: Sam Raynor on the Fordson pulling newlyweds Elaine and Howard McIntosh through Camp. Picture taken behind the old commissary, in front of Davis's cottage.
Bill and Viv Shaw with Jack Barkwell and Jack's mother.
July 1st, 1936.
Rees Davis's popular hamburger stand, 1946.
Johnny Spencer calls a game of Bingo for a large crowd in 1946.
The tricycle racers get ready on the lawn in front of Davis's house.
July 1st., 1956 on the same field as the 1936 photo.
Harry and Irene Olson's wedding party arrives on the Island in 1932. Transporting the newlyweds in some kind of procession was a tradition.
The Swimming Pool in the mid-fifties.
Dance Party, ca. 1955. Harry Bailey (plaid shirt), Roy Bunn (back turned), Walter Leslie (white shirt, back to stage), Irene Maurer-Hylas (plaid skirt) and others dance while Neil Rutherford calls (with microphone).
Ed Lomax closes the door for Santa Claus while the kids look on. That's Marg Hammond on the stage.
Fun at the swimming pool.
Joe Hetherington, Gordon Parker, Jack Barkwell, Alf Bailey and Wilf Comeau look on while Rees Davis and Otto Christensen shake hands after a game of curling.
Hallowe'en costumes in the early 1960's.
New Year's Eve getting ready for the dance and social at the Tanner's, early 1950's. Ish Holmes, Eleanor Tanner, Grandma & Grandpa Camsell, Audrey Ferg, & brother Ron Camsell, Stan Ferg at the bar table.
Marg and Garnet Jeffrey serving hamburgers. Janice Huffaker and friend are chatting nearest the camera.
Diana, Leone and Bill Grayson in front of their cabin at Eddie's Beach, 1950's.
Peter Spencer watches his dad, John Spencer and Sid Brown opening bottles of pop at Eddie's Beach.
Picnic at Eddie's Beach, ca. 1945.
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Dominion Day races on the lawn in front of the old staff house, 1940's.
These photos show a camp-out and picnic sponsored by the ladies somewhere down Sandy Bay, 1930's.
Howard and Elaine McIntosh in experimental boat.
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Wedding shenanigans: Unidentified procession leaving the plane dock in the forebay. That's probably old Kate pulling the cart.
Walter Leslie and Harry Whiteley with a caribou.
More wedding shenanigans.
Howard McIntosh, Jack Barkwell, Bill and Viv Shaw.
July 1st, 1936.
The Crown and anchor game was another Dominion Day attraction.
This looks west toward the Store from the Old Staff house.
Olive Barkwell leads the sack race.
May 24th, 1936 on the field in front of the old staff house.
Max McConnell's wedding, ca. 1943. Max and his bride were placed in the cage and towed behind the tractor, making a parade from the Sandy Bay dock past the airstrip and into the Island Falls townsite.
A Rutherford Spring picnic on the rocks near the plane dock.
Same dance party.
Kiddies splashing in the water of the pool below the Store in the early 40's.
The Rutherfords enjoy a picnic on the rocks below A Dam, ca. 1954.
Bagpipers from Flin Flon performing on Dominion Day in front of the old Staff house.
1955 Hallowe'en contest among adults.
Three Men in a Tub wins the prize.
1953 Outdoor gymnastics practice.
A ball game gets organized at the 1979 Reunion.
Vera Spencer and Doris Bracken (on left) look on while Ken Bracken and John Spencer serve ice cream. The lady in the hat is Viv Christensen.
Ken Bracken and Neil Rutherford making hamburger patties. That's Fred Bowman in the back.
Joan Bracken, Jill Broster and Jim Russell.
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Sid Foden runs the Crown and Anchor stall.
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