A-Dam (Auxiliary Dam A) on the Churchill River
A-Dam is 893 feet long and has 46 openings controlled by stop-logs. The combined discharge capacity of A-dam and the Power Plant is 185,000 cubic feet per second.
In August 1930, after the forebay had filled, A-dam was opened wide. The flood of water cut a channel through two miles of soil down to Sandy Bay, thus forming the Island.
Flooding the new channel below the dam.
During World War II, the dam was protected by a staff of armed guards. The concrete block guard house can be seen in the distance.
Ice many feet thick builds up every winter beside the open spillways.
The crane for managing the stop-logs runs on rails.
The forebay is filling during the summer of 1930.
That looks like Janice Huffaker, Helen and Chlo Davis on the far side.
The lower part of the new A-dam channel.
The southermost spillways open the widest, year round.
Looking up the A-dam channel from the north.
Bedrock exposed below the dam.
Ice builds up below the southernmost spillway, which is open most often.
The first flushing of the A-dam channel, August, 1930.